FBK-Games iOS App Interaction and Interface Design

Together with a group of 6, developing a campaign project from Saxion University for the FBK Games Hengelo (Part of the IAAF World Challenge Meetings).

I’m in charge of Interaction Design and Interface Design for the iOS App.

Currently the concept is realizing into a real product.

Optimistically, someday we can download this iPhone App from Apple App Store. ^_^

The  bolg of the project: http://tkt2010int.wordpress.com/


Jan Arie Bijl was announcing the winner of the Concept in the final meeting.

IMG_9813 copy

We are the winner group in the Final Presentation.

Pictures with Jan Arie Bijl, the director of the FBK games.


We’ve also won VIP tickets for every group member of 2011 The FBK Games Hengelo (May 29, 2011).


We are in the 《SAX》 school magazine.
Fbk-Games Hengelo Project on <SAX> mag

About the app Interface and Interactions.

Interaction design global structures.


Above just a tip of the iceberg. For more details, feel free to contact me.